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TRACT Billing – Uptime Assured

This is part of a series on billing system uptime, reliability, and processing performance. Read part one and part three.

If the goal is to minimize billing system downtime, companies must seek out SaaS solutions with modular systems at their core. That means the solution should be able to split the database per module to accommodate any future growth in data transactional volumes.

Too often, transactional needs outgrow many of the market’s SaaS solutions because the platforms cannot be divided into smaller data sets run on multiple data stores.

For that reason, we have focused on making uptime a differentiator for our customers. We have designed TRACT Billing’s high-availability architecture so that there is zero downtime – something no other SaaS-based subscription or activity-based biller can provide.

When designing TRACT’s architecture and infrastructure, we focused on addressing the most prevalent causes of downtime, especially natural disasters and regularly scheduled upgrades and patches (more in part three).

This started with selecting a state of the art datacenter. TRACT utilizes cutting-edge infrastructure from Rackspace, the highest ranked enterprise-level PCI DSS compliant provider of datacenters and hosting. Because TRACT’s production environment is hosted as a Rackspace Tier-4 datacenter, there is very low potential for a natural disaster. In the case of a disaster, we have an N+1 active/active configuration for servers and systems. The datacenter is powered by two physically separate substations, and supported by 18 N+1 generators possessing three weeks of fuel on-site and additional supplies available through three separately contracted fuel providers. This means even if the lights go out, TRACT customers stay online.

Aside from disasters, it’s important to guard against other outages at the datacenter. Our datacenter features 10 separate fibers entering the building in 10 physically separate conduits. So even if a few of the fiber cables are accidentally severed, we have redundant delivery fibers to maintain TRACT availability.

Of course, hardware is never failure-free. But Rackspace guarantees a one-hour hardware replacement in the case of a major hardware failure, and all data is stored on redundant Clarion SANs in a RAID configuration, with off-site backup.

We believe this datacenter and our high-availability architecture greatly reduces the chances of a major outage caused by a disaster. In addition to the primary datacenter location, Transverse maintains a secondary site for supporting TRACT applications should there be a failure at the primary datacenter.

Our unassailable datacenter protects your business from downtime. Next, we’ll talk about how our use of rolling upgrades and patches means guards against failure and ensures high-performance.

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