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Order-to-Cash for the Subscription Economy

Today’s usage-based economy for products and services is changing the way companies collect and manage cash.

Monetize Anything Measured

Forward thinking businesses do not let existing infrastructure get in the way of maximizing revenue opportunity.

Manage Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition guidelines are constantly evolving for the subscription and pay-as-you-consume economy.

The Product

TRACT®: Cloud-Based, Internet-Scale Billing and Revenue Automation Platform

Most billing solutions today are focused primarily on managing subscriptions. These solutions offer a narrow focus of subscription management that requires additional assistance for solving the complete range of revenue generating initiatives within sophisticated enterprises. TRACT is designed to manage offers, orders, billing, payments, collections, entitlements, revenue assurance, reporting, forecasting, revenue allocation, revenue recognition, contracting and more.

About goTransverse

We help companies monetize anything that can be measured. Founded by a management team with over 100-years experience delivering complex billing solutions for some of the world’s largest enterprises, goTransverse created TRACT to combine flexible usage-based billing with insightful revenue and audit management. To learn more about how subscription billing can revolutionize your business, contact us today.