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TRACT® Platform Updates – Summer ‘15

goTransverse is proud to announce new capabilities for its TRACT® platform. Key functionality improvements in ordering, invoicing and worldwide payments have been made. This is critically important for companies with an international customer base to expand business across the globe. TRACT® Summer ’15 is available immediately with a number of enhanced features. Marketers can now

Budgeting for SaaS Projects in 2016

It’s official—the Cloud has gone mainstream. According to CFO, “software-as-a-service (SaaS) arrangements now outselling licensed software.” This year, 73% of CIOs surveyed by Piper Jaffray have “allocated budget for cloud-related spend”. And as companies explore SaaS, their interest has only increased: Of IT executives who responded to Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey, more than 40% planned

Webcast: Why Companies Need a Bookings Policy, and How to Create One

Mike Murphy, Chief Business Officer, GoTransverse Watch recorded webcast 1 CPE Credit Cost: Free! This webinar will cover the ins and outs of booking policies, delivering real-world advice around bookings policy assessment, best practices and pitfalls. Specifically, you will learn: Why a bookings policy is now standard practice for subscription and services industries. How to

Order-to-Cash for the Subscription Economy

We’ve all heard that cash is king, or put another way, cash is the very lifeblood of a business. But today’s usage-based economy for products and services is changing the way companies collect and manage cash. What does a healthy order to cash (O2C) lifecycle look like in a subscription based economy? When customers pay

Key Learnings from MGI ReThink Billing Innovators Summit West

Billing vendors manage snowflakes. From a distance, the customers look similar. But up close, every single company is unique. ReThink Billing Summit was held last Wednesday, April 29th. Filled with vendors, customers, investors and a few prospects, the content was surprisingly rich and agnostic. 1. Billing as strategic and disruptive imperative Bye-bye relegation to the