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About Transverse

Transverse was founded in 2008 by billing veterans who saw an opportunity to make sophisticated billing available to more businesses. Previously, activity- or usage-based billing models required multimillion dollar investments in systems implementation and maintenance fees. Transverse looked to the cloud to provide a lower cost of entry, accelerated deployment, and real-time data insight to businesses that were previously priced-out.

In 2011, Transverse launched TRACT Billing, the all-in-one activity, rating/metering, and subscription billing software as a service (SaaS) platform. The key differentiator for TRACT is activity-based billing, which allows users to view customer activity in real-time and bill for usage. Customers are using TRACT to monetize and quickly bring to market new products and services, realize greater revenue, and increase customer loyalty by making billing a more strategic tool.

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Winner, Best Cloud Chargeback/Billing Solution

Winner, 2012 Pipeline Innovation Award

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