goTransverse for Media and Entertainment

Consumers are radically transforming the way they enjoy media and entertainment. Service providers are taking advantage of the ubiquity of high-speed Internet access and a convergence of technology to reach consumers with streaming content over a variety devices. By delivering entertaining content directly through the Internet, Over-The-Top, or OTT, services allow tech-savvy consumers to choose the content they prefer and pay for only what they consume. Consequently, goTransverse supports Pay Now, postpaid, prepaid or hybrid business models.

Providers who want to adopt value-add services, such as video-on-demand (VOD), gaming or other content rich media use goTransverse to fully support the rating, actioning and bundling strategies they need. The goTransverse platform offers a convergence in service bundling and pricing methods for prepaid as well as postpaid offerings. Support an ecosystem of resellers with partner settlements, impressions and click-thru tracking as well as revenue share reporting based on that data.

The Consumption Economy™ marketplace holds almost unlimited opportunities for companies with amazing new OTT technologies and the ability to capitalize on the recurring revenue opportunity they will provide.

Advanced Estimates of Charges

The goTransverse platform has the ability to estimate the cost of a service charged to a subscriber before the subscriber uses the service. This is in contrast to typical charging scenarios in which a subscriber is provided with information about charges only after they have been incurred. Called Advice of Charge, or AoC in the telecommunication industry, this functionality has traditionally only been available in huge, enterprise solutions. Now, this game-changing innovation is available to anyone using the goTransverse platform.

The Advice of Charge capabilities prevent “bill shock” and reduce the burden on customer service resources. You can configure everything from complex AoC services to simple predetermined notifications (for account balance or service cost, for example) directly within the platform.

goTransverse provides unparalleled flexibility to easily adapt and scale to support future products, services, technology standards and growing volumes of business.

Adjunct Rating

The Adjunct Rating capabilities in the goTransverse platform provide numerous benefits to add new OTT capabilities while still using aspects of their existing systems. In most cases, using goTransverse as an Adjunct Rater paired with the Advice of Charge capabilities is the fastest, most cost effective model to rapidly bring new services to market. goTransverse can be the product catalog of record or augment existing systems. The cloud-based, real-time, rules-based rating and multi-tenant capabilities allow you to rapidly deploy and configure a client-specific instance. Subsequently, the platform can easily output real-time data to append to client bills via batch or API access.

Entitlement Support

With goTransverse, you will not only benefit from ultra-rapid time-to-market, but you will also be able to ensure agile entitlement support and responsiveness with intellectual property, content and value-added services. The streaming media and OTT markets today demand compelling services offered as innovative bundles. Don’t hinder the rapid deployment of products because legacy billing systems can’t efficiently manage entitlements. Track multiple device identifiers, offer prepaid allocations and verify entitlement eligibility with a powerful monetization platform. goTransverse combines sophisticated real-time rating with robust subscription management for next generation services, such as Video-on-Demand (VOD), gaming and other content rich media.

Dynamic Real-time Rating

Many implications of OTT and streaming media are a hybrid of IoT data and traditional data. Increasingly integrated systems and the ability to pull external usage data into an agile IoT monetization model are crucial for companies moving forward. The goTransverse platform natively processes and rates billions of usage events. goTransverse enables you to configure rules for rate plans, rollovers and allowances and provision requests in real-time (as events are received) all within the platform.

Complex Revenue and Settlement

Invoice timing and contract structure have critical implications for recognizing and reporting revenue. Finance professionals in streaming services or other industries can use the native revenue management features to capture, measure and plan for incoming revenue streams.

The robust revenue management capabilities allow users to do the following:

  • Generate amortization and revenue plan schedules based on the structure and timing of contracts, billing cycles and invoicing
  • Clearly report the different sources of data or triggers impacting revenue
  • Track and report on complex revenue daily
  • Pause, modify or resume schedules as needed