TRACT® for Logistics and Fulfillment

TRACT is the only cloud-based agile monetization and subscription management platform on the market with the highly configurable decisioning Action Framework engine capable of performing sophisticated adjunct rating and tracking complex event triggers for logistics and fulfillment service providers. Companies can easily manage pricing for partners directly or via robust API access and create adjunct rating for client invoices. With a native usage rating and Advice of Charge (AoC) engine, TRACT allows logistics and fulfillment providers to trigger workflow events, such as tier changes, one-time fees or recurring renewals. TRACT also supports postpaid, prepaid and Pay Now business models.

TRACT is a reliable cloud-based monetization platform that can replace expensive up-front capital expenditures with regular, predictable operational expenses. Reduce costs and better manage partner revenue with TRACT.

Game-Changing Innovation

More companies are looking to divest the expense of maintaining expensive infrastructures as well as shift the burden of provisioning costs. TRACT is specifically designed to help logistics and fulfillment businesses lead their industries with these game-changing innovations. TRACT offers an industrial monetization platform that handles every event and transaction in real-time. It interfaces directly with back office systems automatically. With TRACT, logistics providers, telemetry solutions and equipment operators can use their assets to the fullest.

High Complexity, High Volume

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to manage the high complexity of logistics, telemetry and fulfillment solutions at the speed that certain markets demand. When every movement represents a potentially billable event, TRACT provides a platform that can process billions of transactions, accurately and at scale. Regardless the source of data, the agile decisioning Action Framework in TRACT can be configured to monetize almost any transaction you can measure. As machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT communications proliferate, the ability to monetize trigger data accurately, consistently and at Internet-scale volume sets TRACT apart.

Bulletproof Billing

Customers demand clear invoices that are believable, readable and consumable. TRACT provides one of the most accurate, bulletproof billing platforms in the space. Within TRACT, logistics and fulfillment solution providers can automate a high volume of activity-based transactions and automatically create billable events and invoice line items. Accurate, timely invoices reduce receivable issues and speed time to cash.

Advanced Estimates of Charges

TRACT has the ability to estimate the cost of a service charged to a subscriber before the subscriber uses the service. This is in contrast to typical charging scenarios in which a subscriber is provided with information about charges only after they have been incurred. Called Advice of Charge, or AoC in the telecommunication industry, until now, this functionality has been only in huge, enterprise solutions. Now, this game-changing innovation is available to anyone with TRACT. The Advice of Charge capabilities in TRACT prevent “bill shock” and reduce the burden on customer service resources. Configure everything from complex AoC services to simple predetermined notifications (for account balance or service cost, for example) directly within TRACT.

Native Revenue Recognition

Companies moving to subscription and usage-based billing models face constantly evolving revenue recognition guidelines. Fortunately, goTransverse is an organization expertly adept at collecting and recognizing revenue. The goTransverse platform can apply complex revenue recognition rules to any dynamic charging and billing scenario. Native revenue recognition is built directly into the platform with a flexible subledger that can easily provide relevant data to finance on a daily or periodic basis. In fact, goTransverse was cited as a leader and tied for the second highest score in the financial controls criterion and had the highest score in the recurring billing and payments management criterion in The Forrester Wave™: Recurring Customer & Billing Management, Q3 2017.

Agile Deployment

With TRACT, the rhythm of how and when to schedule bill cycles and issue invoices is completely customizable. Our monetization experts have a combined 175-years of enterprise billing expertise to draw upon when working with clients to define and understand their internal business processes. TRACT is designed to compliment existing systems, and can be deployed in adjunct with current systems if desired. Whether you need specific data mediation or usage or consumption data, TRACT can be deployed to compliment current workflow and provide a platform with which to grow in the future. Having an agile system vendor like goTransverse is also critical to quickly help users solve configuration challenges and address market changes. As markets change, TRACT can provide the perfect platform with which to “land and expand” operations.