goTransverse for Cloud Applications and Infrastructure

With its ability to automate subscriptions AND usage-based services in real-time, goTransverse has a unique billing automation solution for monetizing cloud services. Commonly measured digital activities such as consumption of resources like storage, bandwidth and application usage can be measured and monetized within the multi-dimensional monetization system. With access to timely accurate data, providers gain valuable insight into prime metrics. Track anything you can measure—power consumption, data usage, disk storage, etc. and accurately bill for it with goTransverse. Charge for both the human and physical resources needed to complete a project. With a sophisticated platform, charging for these bundled resources and ensuring resource tracking is easy.

The goTransverse platform can charge for many different types of user activity, including access, services performed by the provider and usage of resources (either sold separately or as a bundle). The system is also able to process usage allowances and charge for overages or deny access as dictated by the contract terms. And, of course, flexibility and scalability are fundamental benefits, so the platform can adjust as business grows and customer preferences change.

Usage Pre-processing

Data center and cloud infrastructure providers are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth of the digital economy, but only if they can execute the agile monetization of products and services. Constrained resources for power and processing can be seriously impacted if over-burdened. The powerful usage rating engine in the goTransverse platform can pre-process usage data externally, sending back only relevant data to the master system of record. Moreover, data center operators are free to charge for any combination of services on a recurring or usage basis without draining scarce processing resources or affecting server performance.

High-Value Real-Time Usage

goTransverse provides cloud application and infrastructure providers with high-value, real-time usage data. The platform supports leveraging real-time usage data to automate critical monetization events, such as overage charging or sending upgrade offers to customers anytime within the bill cycle.

Usage data measured by the platform can also be to increase operational savings. For instance, you can send data in bulk rather than incurring excessive web or bandwidth costs. With goTransverse, you can carry a processing engine on the client side to meter and rate data quickly and efficiently. Data can be sent out in bulk if real-time rating is not required, reducing the load on service providers and infrastructure.

Service Identifier Mapping

Cloud application and infrastructure service providers can use the goTransverse platform to track components and services for clients and map them to service identifiers within the system. The flexible engine can be used to track not only physical servers, but also virtual equipment such as hypervisors. Map multiple identifiers to client accounts and customize bill cycles all within the platform.

Rules-based Rating

goTransverse has the only agile monetization platform for cloud application and data centers that includes a powerful, native rules-based rating engine. Providers can configure unlimited rules to control entitlements, services and containers. Create exclusionary or inclusionary rules for almost any packaging or service contract setup. Innovative service providers can reduce costs and streamline operations with the seamless rules-based rating capabilities.

Flexible Pricing Paradigms

Most ERP systems are limited by the pricing paradigms they can support, but the goTransverse platform has almost unlimited flexibility in packaging and pricing. By using an innovative method to compose rules logic, the platform allows you to create complicated rules sets without any IT or programming help needed. With goTransverse, you can build rules logic the same way you would create financial modeling using a formula in a spreadsheet. It’s that flexible.

Product Bundling

The opportunities for monetization are limitless with goTransverse. Bundle products or services and create sub-allocations for cost basis. Bulk load products, discounts and entitlements directly into the system. Cloud application and data service providers can rely on the goTransverse platform to manage enforcement and discounting accurately and at scale.