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Built on deep domain expertise in the monetization of complex real-time events for the world’s largest enterprises, TRACT is the only cloud-based, agile monetization and subscription management platform on the market with over 175-years of collective domain experience in enterprise usage-based billing behind it. TRACT is natively architected to meet and exceed the needs of high technology companies in the Consumption Economy™.

TRACT provides not only complex billing support, but also captures, measures and analyzes priceless consumption data. Drive retention, up-sell and cross sell and automate creative product bundling.

The source of customer lifetime value is shifting from hardware to software and services, as IoT innovations transform business. TRACT provides a platform for any organization to embrace the incoming flood of consumption data.

High Technology

TRACT is natively architected to meet and exceed the needs of high technology companies in the Consumption Economy™. Price and monetize any service from one-time purchases and simple subscriptions to complex recurring revenue based on consumption or usage.

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Internet of Things

Not only can TRACT uniquely track devices associated with billing accounts with unprecedented flexibility, but its monetization capabilities and built in cost allocation allow nimble rollout of unlimited pricing and packaging options for data-driven services and IoT products.

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Media & Entertainment

Over-The-Top (OTT) providers who want to adopt value-add services, such as video-on-demand (VOD), gaming or other content rich media use TRACT to fully support the rating, actioning and bundling strategies they need. TRACT supports Pay Now, postpaid, prepaid or hybrid business models.

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Logistics & Fulfillment

Companies can easily manage pricing for partners directly or via robust API access and create adjunct rating for client invoices. With a native usage rating and Advice of Charge (AoC) engine, TRACT allows logistics and fulfillment providers to trigger workflow events, such as tier changes, one-time fees or recurring renewals.

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Apps & Infrastructure

With its ability to automate subscriptions as well as usage-based services in real-time, TRACT is a unique billing automation solution for monetizing cloud services. Track anything you can measure—power consumption, data usage, disk storage, etc. and accurately bill for it with TRACT.

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All the investment and hard work our team has put into the TRACT system is paying off! We have been honored with some of the most recognized peer-recognition awards in the software industry, including 2016 Stevie, 2016 Pipeline Innovation Award and 2016 CODiE Winner for Best Internet of Things Solution.