Speed to Market

Two of the biggest competitive advantages for any business are speed and agility. Often, it’s not the best company, product or solution that wins marketshare and bulk of the revenue but rather the first to market. Your competition is racing you to market this very moment.

Well-established enterprises must avoid getting bogged down with legacy systems. Traditional business systems are not natively architected to quickly launch new products and services with multiple dynamic, disruptive and adaptive business models. Innovative businesses must leverage every available advantage to launch quickly to market before the competition PLUS operationalize this level of flexibility at global scale.

Configure, Price, Quote

goTransverse CPQ Essentials for goTransverse accommodates the unprecedented volume of unique billing configurations made possible by new consumption-based services and supports a wide array of order configuration – from simple subscriptions, to complex, multi-product purchases. Simply product catalogs and support flexibility in bundling and pricing to ultimately increase sales.

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Flexible Catalog

Back office systems should never hamper the ability to launch new products, services, bundles and offers quickly. goTransverse has a sophisticated, industry-leading, robust product catalog that helps fight product proliferation and the need to create new and unique products in the billing system for each variation of the offering, such as billing schedule, payment type, etc.

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Dynamic Pricing

The ability to seamlessly support any pricing strategy ranging from simple recurring fees to consumption-based tiers, tapered pricing, resource pooling, usage thresholds and more gives you the competitive edge. The goTransverse platform supports all pricing models and applies those models in real-time as customers consume your products and services.

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Powerful Promotions

Acquiring and maintaining significant market share faster than the competition requires careful promotional planning and activity. goTransverse supports promotional offers for any existing or new products, services or bundles. The promotions can be tailored to specific time periods, geographies, market segments, customer accounts and more to achieve your go-to-market goals.

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Real-time Rating

Being first to market doesn’t guarantee success. You must also quickly pivot as the market changes. goTransverse has the ability to apply charges, send notification and scale pricing as soon as an event occurs. The real-time rating engine in the solution allows you to set business logic rules to make adjustments at the speed of your business. goTransverse was cited as a leader and received the highest score in the recurring billing and payments management criterion in The Forrester Wave™: Recurring Customer & Billing Management, Q3 2017.

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Action Framework

The race to revenue requires all pieces and parts of the organization to work harmoniously, including communication between business applications. goTransverse boasts a powerful decisioning Action Framework. The Action Framework is an intelligent workflow triggering system that prompts email notifications and web-service calls to external systems based on rules you define and real-time activities you configure in the system. These triggers make every second count for driving your business growth.

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Global Scalability

Companies in hyper-growth stages often outgrow their systems for domestic business, and speed to market also means rapid expansion into new geographies. The goTransverse platform is built for rapidly scaling up operations. goTransverse also supports multiple conversion currencies directly within the native GL sub-ledger, simplifying multi-currency revenue recognition. In fact, goTransverse was cited as a leader and received among the highest possible scores in the delivery model criterion in The Forrester Wave™: Recurring Customer & Billing Management, Q3 2017.

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