Powerful Promotions

Create and manage pricing incentives to drive demand.

Sales promotions such as coupons, discounts and loyalty incentives are popular tools for acquiring and maintaining significant market share faster than the competition. The strategy behind sales promotions involves segmenting, targeting, positioning and messaging with an effort to drive product interest, free trials or purchase.

The goTransverse platform supports promotional offers for existing and new products, services or bundles. The promotions can be tailored to specific time periods, geographies, market segments, customer accounts and more to achieve your go-to-market goals.

The promotional capabilities within the goTransverse platform allows users to do the following:

  • Create dollar-off, percent-off, refer-a-friend, gift subscription, micropayment, freemium and trial promotions
  • Develop time-based promotions such as Cyber Monday or 30-day free trials
  • Target specific customers or affiliates with a discount or bonus period
  • Apply limits to promotions for a certain number of customers. For example, providing a sign-up fee discount to the first 7,000 to respond to a special email offer.
  • Offer promotions for a single product, multiple products, bundles or the entire catalog
  • Apply business logic for tiered discounting based on how much of a service the customer has consumed. For example, a customer might buy X number of Video On Demand (VOD) events at $9.99 each. After the customer reaches a configured threshold for a billing period, the customer then pays $7.99 for all VOD events in the remainder of the billing period.
  • Create unlimited marketplaces for 3rd party partners, resellers or other sales channels with unique promotions tailored for individual distributors
  • Override pricing, allowances and terms at the time of the sale for ad-hoc offers
  • Make changes in promotions effective immediately or at a future date
  • Include custom fields to later segment customers for additional promotions