Integrations and Extensibility

Smart integrations extend existing legacy technology rather than necessitating full system replacements.

Fast growing companies benefit from being technology-enabled and adding high-value offerings to their markets without interrupting their current operations. Legacy technology stack stalwarts, including most ERP or CRM systems, were never designed to handle the needs of modern usage and data-driven business models. By combining existing technology already in place with the best adjunct functionality available, companies reduce the expense needed to get to market quickly.

Operational silos and manual processes mean “swivel-chair” data entry into disparate systems, which impedes reporting time and data accuracy. The goTransverse solution functions as an adjunct platform, operating in concert with existing systems, such as ERP or CRM, to provide functionality legacy systems were never designed to include, while passing all necessary key data back to the system(s) of record. By using goTransverse in concert with legacy systems, product leaders can leverage functioning processes to reduce needed investment and realize positive revenue faster.

goTransverse has an extensive library of APIs in addition to and pre-integrated connectors, allowing you to leverage best-of-breed solutions for every business function. By partnering with an ecosystem of expert service providers for everything from detailed tax calculations to up-to-the-minute currency conversion services, our integrations allow goTransverse clients to use their resources wisely. Pre-integrated connectors to popular software including Salesforce, Microsoft, and Intacct are easy to configure and reduce implementation costs.

The decisioning Action Framework is an intelligent workflow triggering system that prompts email notifications and web-service calls to external systems based on defined rules and real-time activities. By automating manual processes, agile leaders save time and money. The Action Framework can process charges, run bill cycles, validate entitlements, etc. to reduce burden on staff and increase operational savings.

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