Gain Visibility

The amount of information collected in the digital economy is staggering. This will undoubtedly accelerate as the promise of a connected world becomes a reality.

Yet a majority of organizations have fragmented data spread across too many departments and disconnected systems, which creates a clunky customer experience. Furthermore, disjointed data leads to missed revenue opportunities. Only those companies with end-to-end visibility into the Consumption-to-Cash™ lifecycle will be able to capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

The visibility of TRACT® is the goTransverse advantage.

Subscription Management

Subscription management encompasses automatically turning services on and off, validating entitlements, checking usage, analyzing customer behavior and more. TRACT is a full-service subscription management platform, allowing you to attract and retain loyal customers. TRACT was named as one of the 8 Subscription Billing Solution Providers that Matter Most in The Forrester Wave™: Subscription Billing Platforms, Q4 2015.

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Revenue Recognition

Unique to TRACT is a native subledger, allowing companies to easily apply complex revenue recognition rules to dynamic charging/billing scenarios, recognize revenue on a daily or periodic basis (if desired) and have full visibility into their revenue streams. In fact, TRACT received the highest possible score for its General Ledger Alignment capabilities in The Forrester Wave™: Subscription Billing Platforms, Q4 2015.

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Entitlement Control

Accurate entitlement control is critical for the correct provisioning, activation and subsequent billing of products and services. TRACT has the ability to establish pool-sharing relationships, which allows entitlements to be distributed per defined rules in the event of overages. Robust reporting and query options give you greater visibility into allocation management. TRACT continuously analyzes usage data, authenticating for the contracted levels of access.

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Role-based Access

Security is always top of mind for all businesses. Internal system controls and visibility into employee usage of your systems, infrastructure and third-party applications is a must in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Along with other security and compliance measures, TRACT has advanced functionality to secure the application, including role-based access, strong encryption, robust password policies, clear audit trails and more.

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Analytics & Reporting

TRACT boasts a highly configurable dashboard allowing users to readily parse, compare and analyze customer data. Key reports such as monthly recurring revenue (MMR), customer churn, customer lifetime value (CLTV), balance sheet, aging and more come standard as part of the core platform. Customize reports, export data, and schedule time-consuming batches from directly within the system to speed up reporting cycles and maintain vigilant control over key business metrics.

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