Entitlement Control

Ensure customers can only access the services for which they are paying.

Entitlements are essential to monetizing services in a subscription and usage-based model. Entitlement control is about granting, resolving, enforcing, revoking and administering authorizations or permissions to products and services. Entitlements are critical to optimizing revenue capture and preventing revenue loss as they delve into information records before access is authorized and allowed.

Native to the goTransverse platform is entitlement control functionality critical for correct provisioning, activation and subsequent billing of products and services. The platform continuously analyzes and synthesizes usage data and product information, authenticating and controlling it for the contracted levels of access.

The entitlement control functionality within the goTransverse platform supports the following:

  • Act as the system of record for end-user entitlements
  • Automatically or manually provision, cancel, degrade or temporarily disable services
  • Check payment status to authorize or deny services
  • Support multiple products and services with different entitlement criteria
  • Apply changes as they occur to only the records with the changes
  • Support pool-sharing relationships allowing entitlements to be distributed per defined rules in the event of an overage
  • Integrate with external systems to query entitlements and eligibility for products and services in real-time
  • Gain visibility through reporting and query options on entitlements