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A leader in Recurring Customer And Billing Management

goTransverse achieved the highest score in the recurring billing and payments management criterion, and scored among the highest in the following criteria:
– Product vision and corporate focus
– Roadmap planning
– Innovation roadmap
– Partner ecosystem
– Delivery model
– Commercial model

XaaS Case Study: Industrial IoT Monetization

IAS is creating big change with a unified, neutral cloud monetization platform for logistics operators all over the world.

What Exactly Is Mediation in Billing?

Mediation is a critical part of the billing process, but we rarely stop to talk about how it works, or what it even means. In everyday life, the term “mediation” usually refers to a means…

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9 Ways to Bill for Consumption: goTransverse’s Usage and Rating Models, Explained

One of the key benefits of consumption-based billing is that, when it’s set up correctly and run through the proper platforms, it’s flexible enough to take advantage of a wide variety of billing models based…

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The Lasting Benefits of Simple Subscriptions

Despite all the buzz about consumption-based product and service offerings (and we do recommend them for several reasons), the simple subscription model remains a valuable offering for SaaS, marketing, AdTech, entertainment and everything in between.…

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Enabling Consumption-Based Services With Intelligent Billing

Organizations making the shift from traditional one-time purchases or standard subscriptions to consumption-based services require a new set of systems and processes to ensure the billing process is efficient, accurate, and easy for both customers…

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Streamlining the Order-to-Cash Process

Keeping Customer Relationships (and the Bottom Line) Healthy With more and more products and services being made available online, an increasing number of consumers and corporate decision-makers are expecting that they can acquire what they…

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Front Office, Meet Back Office

From CRMs to to credit card processors to catalog maintenance to order fulfillment to…well, you get the idea. In today’s sales world, whether your e-commerce, SaaS or service-driven, there’s a platform to automate and streamline…

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Launch New Products and Services Faster with Intelligent Billing

In this quickly evolving, consumer-driven world, we know speed and agility are key characteristics of a successful business. When market demands or user feedback indicates the desire for new products and services, a company that…

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Does Your Organization Need Intelligent Billing?

Here at goTransverse we talk a lot about the benefits of intelligent billing platforms, and we’re pretty convincing, if we do say so ourselves. After all, it’s what we do. But the reality is that…

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Enhancing the User Experience through Centralized Customer Interactions

Have you ever called a service provider with a simple problem, only to be bounced from department to department, repeating your name and contact information over and over and getting zero results? Suddenly the “simple…

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goTransverse Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platform

We are proud to share that goTransverse has been included on the Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms for Q3 2018. To qualify for the Constellation ShortList, vendors have to meet 10 out of 14 criteria, including…

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Frankenstein’s System: The Trouble with DIY Billing Platforms

If your organization has outgrown its current billing platform, it’s a good bet you’re weighing the pros and cons of building a new platform in-house or contracting with a third-party SaaS and cloud-enabled software solution.…

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How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Could Shape the Future of Intelligent Billing

In recent years, artificial intelligence has emerged from the realm of science fiction and become a very real tool that, depending on who you talk to, will either leave humans jobless and purposeless or improve…

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