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A leader in Recurring Customer And Billing Management

goTransverse achieved the highest score in the recurring billing and payments management criterion, and scored among the highest in the following criteria:
– Product vision and corporate focus
– Roadmap planning
– Innovation roadmap
– Partner ecosystem
– Delivery model
– Commercial model

XaaS Case Study: Industrial IoT Monetization

IAS is creating big change with a unified, neutral cloud monetization platform for logistics operators all over the world.

goTransverse Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platform

We are proud to share that goTransverse has been included on the Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms for Q3 2018. To qualify for the Constellation ShortList, vendors have to meet 10 out of 14 criteria, including…

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Frankenstein’s System: The Trouble with DIY Billing Platforms

If your organization has outgrown its current billing platform, it’s a good bet you’re weighing the pros and cons of building a new platform in-house or contracting with a third-party SaaS and cloud-enabled software solution.…

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How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Could Shape the Future of Intelligent Billing

In recent years, artificial intelligence has emerged from the realm of science fiction and become a very real tool that, depending on who you talk to, will either leave humans jobless and purposeless or improve…

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How to Streamline Your Billing Process for Multiple Products and Services

When it comes to increasing revenue, improving customer relationships and building up that bottom line, it’s no secret that diversified product and service lines are a powerful advantage. That’s why the hordes of software companies…

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What We’re Talking About When We Talk About Usage and Rating

“Usage and rating” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the world of billing, but for folks who aren’t quite as intimately familiar with billing models and processes as we are here…

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Webinar Recap: What to Know Before Purchasing a Quote-to-Cash Solution

Architecting and launching a full quote-to-cash solution is no small feat. The ability to accommodate your customers’ needs in today’s digital landscape requires more than a simple tweaking of your internal processes; it requires total…

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Consumption-Based Billing: Beyond the Simple Subscription

Subscription models have taken off in recent years in just about every industry. From corporate SaaS offerings to monthly clothing deliveries, companies across countless sectors have embraced the benefits of subscriptions as a reliable source…

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Revenue Recognition and ASC 606: A Primer

A new set of rules from FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board), called ASC 606, is aiming to standardize the methodology of revenue recognition for revenue from customer contracts, and bring US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting…

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Building Loyalty through Frictionless Customer Experience

With countless providers to choose from for any given product or service — and with the unlimited information buyers can access online — businesses that want to attract and retain loyal customers know just how…

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7 Pricing Model Examples for Intelligent Billing Platforms

Here at goTransverse, we talk frequently about the benefits of modernized and consumption-based billing, from the improved flexibility and user experience to the enhanced revenue tracking and reporting abilities. But what, exactly, do these billing…

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3 Reasons SaaS Companies Are Adding Usage-Based Billing Models

We’ve watched as software companies have made the switch in droves from traditional licensing to subscription-based SaaS models, adding usage-based components to their offerings in order to disrupt markets and increase revenue shares. In fact,…

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Going Beyond the Subscription: An Interview with Jeffrey Kaplan of THINKstrategies

Jeff Kaplan is founder of THINKstrategies, a strategic consulting firm focused on cloud computing and SaaS innovation. Kaplan has nearly 30 years of experience and recognized expertise in IT/network management, SaaS, cloud computing, managed services, telecommunications and…

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