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Kleavin Howatt

March 12, 2014

Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor. 
- Hesiod

Timing has always been a big deal, even in ancient Greece. With today’s complex subscription-based products and services, revenue-recognition timing—and the specific details of what happened—are getting to be an especially big deal. Timing errors can lead to massive write-downs or even prison. Even when you fully trust your accounting team, the SEC filing process is nerve wracking. If you talk to three different auditors about how you should recognize revenue for a complex subscription-based product or service, you’re likely to get three different answers, depending on their interpretation of when the service occurred or when customers... read more

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Bill Kane

March 5, 2014

This is not another build-versus-buy debate. This is an if-you-build-it-you-are-going-to-overpay-for-an-underperforming-system-that-will-be-an-ongoing-nightmare-that-you’ll-regret-forever discussion. So, if you’re looking for reassurance that devoting the time, money and resources necessary to build and maintain your own revenue operations management system is a good idea, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is a reality check about what you’re really up against and why it’s not worth it despite perceived benefits like control or compatibility. Let’s examine a few considerations.

Cobble together a system or approach using a mix of spreadsheets and basic accounting tools.
Companies that patch solutions together may be leaving significant money on the table and miss opportunities for innovating their revenue cycle, including... read more

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