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Chris Couch

July 24, 2014

There’s no doubt about it: the role of finance department leaders and the shape of finance organizations has evolved rapidly in recent years. More and more CFOs are helping their organizations call smarter plays rather than just keeping score. And all lines of business increasingly look to the finance department for insights and ideas around improving everything from process efficiency to customer service. From our perspective, disruptive technologies (innovative technologies that change the status quo), and the way technology is evaluated and purchased are key factors in helping elevate the role of finance. So which came first?

Neither the chicken nor the egg—SalesForce

IT hasn’t been the same since ignored convention to work directly with the CMO. With its... read more

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Amie Coleman

June 19, 2014

image: mining for gold

In the unceasing quest to increase revenues in tightly competitive marketplaces, it’s critical to understand and predict customer behavior. Yet disparate systems and manual processes often prevent finance departments from tapping goldmines of customer data that could help improve loyalty, prevent churn and grow the lifetime value of customers.

Retention pays more than attraction

There are boatloads of stats about the cost of converting a new customer or losing good customers and practically all of them point to a similar conclusion: retaining and growing existing customers is generally a faster way to growth and higher profitability than trying to attract new customers.

A 10 percent... read more

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