TRACT Billing

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TRACT® Billing is the all-in-one activity, rating/metering, and subscription billing platform.

Customers can use the cloud-based TRACT solution to monetize anything that can be measured.

TRACT helps companies automate billing, increase revenue, identify customer trends, and deepen customer loyalty. TRACT users can make information-driven decisions based on customer activity that positively impacts business results.

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Business Intelligence

Order Management

Activity Management

Invoicing and Payments

Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition: Adhere to industry standard accounting practices

For most businesses, income is recognized as revenue only when the company delivers its product or service and receives corresponding payment. However, this can be difficult to properly calculate with a recurring activity or subscription revenue model.

Revenue Recognition

Finance professionals, faced with ever-increasing demands on them, need the tools to be able to manage this issue.

TRACT is different because our system was built around this important accounting standard. TRACT transfers deferred revenue to actual revenue accounts using a series of G/L Transaction rules determined by user defined G/L Posting rules. TRACT supports the daily update of accrued revenue.

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